Friday, 28 August 2015

Housing and the hurdles we face on benefits.

I have lived with my Grandparents for 10 years because of health issues and low income. I desperately want a home of my own and I also want to work, that second issue I will cover in a later post. Yet the possibility of finding an appropriate home is mired in red tape and just outright prejudice by those in control of personal decisions or company policy.
Social housing is a fantastic concept but sadly at the time of writing Scotland is in the middle of a severe housing crisis. Hundreds of individuals and families bid for just one home in a desperate struggle to gain lasting accommodation that won't be taken from them because they can't afford the crippling and obscene rent costs as seen in private rented accommodation. People wait decades to be accepted for a home of their own through social housing depending on their circumstances, yet the location of said property is vitally important. If given a place of high crime and anti-social behavior it will severely affect quality of life and in some ways even possibility of employment is affected just by living in such an area.
Private lets should be more easily attainable yet in my own personal experience private landlords and or letting agencies won't even entertain the thought of renting to you if you are on any form of benefits. It does not matter if you can afford it, simply being on a benefit is grounds to deny you the right to rent your own home privately.
Obviously owning your own home when in such a situation is completely out of the question. No bank will ever grant a mortgage to someone on benefits and even if they did how would we pay for it?
So to summarise, social housing is great in concept but high demand means extreme competition, private lets are dogged by prejudice and owning your own home in this society is a dream that will never be realised... unless we win the lottery.

So where does that leave us? In my case I continue to live with my Grandparents until I find either a suitable private let or am offered a suitable socially rented home. Which do you think will come first?