Monday, 14 July 2014


I'm really angry at myself for not being able to properly format and keep this blog in a professional manner. Well part of that is it is so difficult to think straight cause of the constant head pain from the migraines and the extreme drowsy side effects of 60mg of Fluoxetine a day but it's also that finding topics from my daily life that are worth reading don't exist as I completely isolate myself. Don't get me wrong however I like being alone. I feel safe this way and I can live vicariously through media.
I do have to plan this blog out a lot better than I have till now if I want it to be of any real use to people who have mental health issues and as an educational tool for those who don't. I usually just write off the top of my head once I pick a topic. Seems that isn't going to work now that I've exhausted my personal issues.
I will have to make a list of topics that affect people with mental health issues and slowly write about each one, one by one. Can I really do that though? I can barely stay awake most of the time. Well I can but try and who knows maybe I'll learn a new skill... that I quickly forget cause of the medication. ^_^ heh